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Last Post for Let’s go to Idaho – Intro to

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Welp, this brings to a close this chapter in the life of Mare & Lance. In fact, I would even consider it the finis to this book, as we launch into the next tome in the series of our lives together. Stay tuned into our new & improved for the next stage in our ever evolving adventures. Bookmark it now! All posts, including comments, have been migrated to KV and letsgotoidaho will be disabled. Hopefully, a “redirect” (to catch any stragglers who insist on returning to this site) will be added soon. I’m uncertain about whether current subscriptions and logins will work on the new site.  If not, please re-subscribe to continue receiving the latest news. is actually a site I began years ago, but never quite fully got off the ground.  After four false starts on four different servers, I finally found one that could do all that my extravagant plans called for.  So, after spending the majority of my birthday merging/migrating three different servers, installing & upgrading, configging & tweaking, you get to see the results.

Much is yet to be enabled, as there is still a lot of content that needs to be uploaded, formatted, organized and posted. As the winters here encourage indoor living, I hope to have a lot more time to dedicate to this new volume of the life and times of Mare & Lance.

One final thought: if you’ve always wanted to write, especially a blog, but haven’t felt quite inspired enough to take that first step, I have an offer for you. Submit an appropriate (as defined by yours truly) blog, I’ll publish it on Maybe that will be just the impetus you need to get the ball rolling.

C ya on!



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Changes are a natural part of life. Here in northern Idaho, the trees are quickly going from green to yellow.  Some are even already naked.  Today, I turn 48.  That’s not a real change. I feel no different today than yesterday, but certainly a bit more so than I did a year ago. And it was a little over a year ago that Mare and I made the huge change of moving from Alabama to our current home in the Black Lake community.  It was that transition that inspired Mare to create this blog.  Read the rest of this entry

My Hillbilly Hair

My Hillbilly Hair

I’ve had this blog-post brewing in my head for a few weeks now. Ever since my last haircut. I’ve been waiting for a photo opp of a day when my hair was lookin’ cute and sassy. Truth be told, I never fix my hair, ever. I whip it back into a clippie in one fell swoop.  Boring, but practical and easy. My daughter got her long locks chopped off today after much deliberation. She and I have so much in common, except for what we spend on our hairdoos. I decided this was a good-a-time as any to tell you about my hillbilly hair. Read the rest of this entry

Poems of my Grandma Offerle

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Checking out just how bad the foundation was with Rockey.

Today is rainy, as it has been for the past few. This brings an end to the summer drought that began towards the end of June, when Rockey and his family came to visit us from Alabama. That was also when I learned that my suspicions about the house foundation, or lack thereof, were confirmed. The house had shifted four inches to the north, joists were broken, the floor was bulging in the center by about 5 inches, wood supports were rotting, bug infested and leaning.  My list of summer projects was put on hold as I tackled the unplanned undertaking.  Read the rest of this entry

Our Stranded Adventure

Our Stranded Adventure

No, we weren’t stuck on a mountaintop in the wilderness, nor a valley down by the creek. We spent last weekend in an AutoZone parking lot. I must blog about these things or else I forget they ever happened when I’m older and grayer and more senile ;-). So far, every adventure I’ve been on with Lance has been enjoyable. The key to a happy life is to enjoy your shipmate in smooth sailing or in shipwrecks (you may quote me on that, go right ahead).

Last Saturday we were headed home from a ‘quick’ trip to town, stopping at our 3 favorite home improvement stores. The truck bed was full (as usual) and we were going to make one last stop for fuel before heading home ‘early’.  Early enough to make dinner and get some more work done on finishing up the foundation. After exiting the highway, heading toward the gas station, Mr. Dodge Ram dies. The ‘funny’ thing being, it died last spring, a block from this same gas station. Apparently our fuel gauge has been getting increasingly worse (we know this now after running out of fuel 3 times due to faulty readings). Thankfully, a fellow trucker, offers a quick tow across the street. Lance proceeds to pump in 35 gallons of diesel and then does the diesel dance (what you have to do to get a diesel running after you run out of fuel). Still no go.  Read the rest of this entry

What’s For Dinner?

What’s For Dinner?

What mom/woman doesn’t loathe that question? Me. At least at this state in my life I no longer dread that question. There is a lot in my life I no longer dread. Maybe I’m just chillin’ out or maybe the hair color commercial of the 70s is right- I’m not getting older, I’m getting better (ha).

Growing up, dinner was at 5:30, without fail. Feeding a husband and 7 kids had to be quite a labor of love for my mom. Back in the 60s & 70s you just didn’t go to fast food places for dinner, ever.  We didn’t have a microwave either (we did have a dishwasher, her name was Becky). I am certain my mom got tired of cooking and figuring out ‘what’s for dinner’. Read the rest of this entry

The End Is Near

The end of the foundation work that is. No one (but God) knows how much longer this earth will continue to plug along. It was July 16th of this past summer that the ‘skirting’ on our house was stripped off. We knew it was bad, but that day showed us just how bad it all was. I won’t beat the decaying wood log foundation to death by repeating just how unstable this house was. I will sing the praises of Lance and our neighbor, Merle, for their amazing efforts.

The end is near

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