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Today’s Hike

The trek to and from the mailbox wasn’t enough of a challenge for me this day, so I decided to put the cleats on my snowboots and hike up the road behind us…

Icy travels

I haven’t been up this road in almost 2 months, due to snow, sleet, ice, stray dogs.  You name it, I’ll use that as my excuse 😉

Not so bad going up

Shew, that wasn’t so bad…next up, knee deep snow.  Thankfully it was still frozen so I could walk on top of the road less traveled by wheels.  There sure was a lot of foot traffic, not the kind that wears shoes tho.

1/2 way UP

That’s the cool thing about a forest of pine trees, still beautiful and green mid winter.

I arrive at the top. Nothing’s changed, still breath taking.

Photos don’t do it justice. Well, maybe if my cousin the photographer got ahold of this and worked her magic on it, then you’d be wanting to put it on a calendar 😉

Here is my standard shot from the top. Summer, Fall, now Winter- all have proven to be gorgeous here.

Time to head home (I’m hungry). Oh how I love our little abode tucked in the big woods.

The most exciting thing about my hike today was that I didn’t huff or puff or feel like a 51 year old lady. HooRay.


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  1. I GUARANTEE you are in better shape than me, Mary! Way to go. 🙂


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