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Day 16: The End Is Near

How’s THAT for a blog post title? How’s this for a blog post image?

No need to fear (or avoid me). I’m not a doomsdayer, nor will I encourage you to get your MREs (if you don’t know what those are, go ahead, google now). I’m referring to our not leaving the house for over 2 weeks (16 days, 5 hours and 30 minutes) since our wheels have rolled on the gravel.

You’ll be happy to know my whining about running out of things will cease, soon. We’ve got plans to go into town tomorrow (Wednesday). Not because we have to, but because we want to. That is, if the snow doesn’t fall higher than the truck bed. Heck, maybe we’ll postpone the trip. We’ve got no urgent need to have additional dairy or produce. We can get creative.  

Have you ever been on a road trip and you tell the kids (or your spouse)- ‘We’ll stop at the next rest stop’ or ‘We’ve got 100 more miles in the tank’ or ‘We’re only 269 miles away from home, we can be there before dawn’. That’s what this feels like. Tomorrow will be day 17, that’s only 3 days away from the 20 mark. Thirty days doesn’t seem that hard, to not go anywhere. Or are we slowly losing our minds and any sane thoughts as the produce drawer dwindles to a whopping, 2.5 carrots (the remaining .5 carrot is in Mr. Snow Potato Head). Those guys still got plenty of life in them, even if they’re limp ;-).

So, my dear friends and family, (who else would take the time to read this?) stay tuned to see what tomorrow may bring. We can survive without 2 of the 4 food groups. Never fear, dehydrated and frozen veggies to the rescue! And heck, my sprouts only have a couple of days til maturity. We’ll be swimmin in green leafy specimens in no time. Don’t cry for me, Alabama. We’ve got eggs, milk, butter and blue cheese (my least favorite cheese, prolly why we still have some in stock).

Ah, my potato for breakfast was a fun way to start the day. My evening meal was less exciting.  Alotta mixed nuts and a carrot, because I’m an adult and I can eat weird if I want to. I also have a new appreciation for salad and onions and bananas… the list of longings continues to grow (speaking of lists, you should see our grocery list). Stay tuned…the adventure continues…


About Lets Go To Idaho

Me, Mare, empty nester, flew the coop (& heat) of Alabama and landed in northern Idaho. Bought a house without setting foot in the state. This blog was created in the summer of 2011, as my beau, Lance and I were packing to move to north... Many things, big and small, have happened since that blistering hot July in Bama when I began this blog. Read about our whirlwind adventures. Our real life love story. The good, the bad, the silly and the crazy things that happen to us.

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  1. You are a better woman than me. I would have lost my mind by now. Still no tv? I know I would have . For sure! Praying you get OUT tomorrow. Love you.

  2. We have TV, just no cable or broadcast TV. (Movies!) We shall see…


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