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Jury Duty Awaits

Jury Duty Awaits

I’ve managed to live 51 years without one single jury duty summons. Yes, I’ve registered to vote, had a driver license, owned property. It took the state of Idaho to ‘find’ me. I start a week-long stint at the local courthouse in Coeur d’Alene on Monday. If you can call ‘local’ 43 miles away.

Wait, it gets better. The pay is $10 a day, $5 if the trial only lasts a 1/2 a day. Maybe it will be fun, entertaining or educational. At the very least, I hope it’s not boring. When I told my sister about my duty, she replied, “What crimes are ever committed in Idaho?’  Ha! Well, at the very least, it will be good blog material. Unless. Unless I have to sign an ‘anti-blog’ clause before doing my civic duty.

Any of my faithful readers have any tips for my week-long ‘privilege’ of serving my country?


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Me, Mare, empty nester, flew the coop (& heat) of Alabama and landed in northern Idaho. Bought a house without setting foot in the state. This blog was created in the summer of 2011, as my beau, Lance and I were packing to move to north... Many things, big and small, have happened since that blistering hot July in Bama when I began this blog. Read about our whirlwind adventures. Our real life love story. The good, the bad, the silly and the crazy things that happen to us.

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  1. Red Bull ! Stay awake and alert. You don’t want to be asleep when they say adjourned , do you ?

  2. Sorry … I’ve been called for jury duty a few times and always had a convenient “get out of jury duty free” excuse (e.g., full time college student, government attorney, etc.).


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