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No Phone, No Problem

No Phone, No Problem

I have been without a cell phone (or a landline) since October of last year. A year ago I couldn’t have imagined that was possible. I was severely addicted.  I would hear the buzz of my blackberry and immediately go into ‘must get to phone asap’ mode.  You’d think I was responsible for saving lives. Nope. I helped a community get into the pool or the lake. I’d offer assistance on lost or found animals. My company gave me a phone, I in turn gave them my speedy reply service 24/7.

My job revolved around the phone, landline and cell. I’d often joke that I was able to answer it before it rang. Imagine the changes in my life to NOT have a phone. We do have a cell phone, it even has a better signal now. I can use it as much as I need. I don’t. Does that make me a recluse? Hardly. I keep up with loved ones via Gmail and Facebook. Just don’t expect a phone call from me.

We went into town Wednesday to place an order for some awning materials and to locate a stove. We usually remember to bring the phone, just in case… It wasn’t until this morning (Saturday) that we realized the phone has been in the truck since Wednesday. We didn’t miss it. Of course it was dead. My friends and family know that if they need us we’re only an email away.

Is anyone keeping track of what we can do without? We’ve got zero broadcast TV. Our utilities are minimal, no water company, no sewer or garbage bills. The propane tank won’t need to be filled for many years and our electric bill is almost nothing. We’re not completely free from the outside world, we are both in dire need of the internet. We get all our news (business and personal) via Hughsnet. Don’t get me started on how crappy their service is, but it’s the best there is out here.

“It’s easier for a rich man to ride that camel through the eye of a needle directly into the Kingdom of Heaven, than for some of us to give up our cell phone.”  ~Vera Nazarian

When I do become gainfully employed I’m sure I’ll get another cell phone (even though we have to drive 20 miles before getting a signal out on the local highways). In the meantime, I’m happy to report- I am free from my phone addiction! Try to take away my ipad or my laptop and someone will get hurt!


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  1. It would be very difficult for me to live without a phone, I’m sure I’d adjust. but it wouldn’t be easy!

  2. I’m notorious for forgetting to check my cell all day long to see if anyone has contacted me. I’d welcome being rid of it entirely! Yet another circumstance of yours to envy … 😉

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