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You Can Take The Girl Outta The South, But You Can’t Make Her Wear Pants

How’s that for a title? Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loathed the onset of Fall. I’m not normal (in many ways). When the cooler temps set in, my mood swings to sadness. Sure I love brisk weather and cuddling up under the covers, but moving from summer to fall has always been a mournful time. Always.

Think about it, when the weather turns cooler you can’t go barefoot, wear shorts or soak up the extra hours of sunshine. It goes back to my youth. Summertime meant no school, long lazy days and carefree nights. Autumn meant school is in session, days are shorter and life is anything but carefree. When my kids were little, summer meant sleeping in, lounging about, doing what we enjoyed. When autumn came, it felt like our lives weren’t our own. We had to get into the school routine, my kids weren’t ‘all mine’ anymore. That was sad.

It’s still August (just barely), but the nights are already getting shorter and cooler. This morning the thermometer read 45 degrees. I had already ironed a skirt and short sleeves to wear to work. So, by gosh, I was going to wear my cute skirt and short sleeve shirt, topped with a sweat jacket and the car heater on full blast. Shoot, it’s not even Labor Day, WAY too soon to think about winter weather and all the woes that entails.

One great thing about my new job is the casual dress code. The operations manager interviewed me in his favorite Utah polo and his golf shorts (Thursday was golf day for the ‘big wigs’). Everyone wears shorts, jeans and T-shirts. Why not? I work for a dock building company in a tiny resort town nearby. Who cares if all the workers are dressed casually? A banker came in the office this week for a meeting and everyone ‘dressed up’. The owner wore long pants, the engineer actually wore his shoes all day, the production manager wore a shirt that buttoned, my supervisor decided not to show her toes…. they were all stylin’!

After working 10+ years for a big company, I own more than my share of dress clothes. 90% of said dress clothes are skirts. So what if I’m the only one in the company that ever wears a skirt (keep in mind there are only 49 employees and of those only 5 are female). I will wear a skirt until I see one of my coworkers wear sweatpants, then I’ll rejoice and retire my skirts till next summer (think July).

I do miss the season they call winter in the south. I now fully understand why there are so many ‘snow-birds’ out there. Since we only own one home, I don’t see any plans to fly south for the winter. I will drag my summer out as long as possible. I plan to avoid wearing long pants for as long as I can, even if it means cranking up a space heater under my desk so as not to shiver audibly. Yes, I miss those quasi-winters in Alabama, but I wouldn’t trade our spectacular summers for theirs any day.

Summer is the time when one sheds one’s tensions with one’s clothes.  ~Ada Louise Huxtable

1st day of work


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  1. Well come on down to sunny LA. It were a sultry 93 today. No humidity. Right now it’s a comfy sleep with windows open 66. Tomorrow we go to the beach. AND we have a completely empty guest house(think converted garage) with your and Lance’s name it it. All yours to stay in for as long as you want if’N you help with a new gutter installation. California to hot for you?What do you think about Cape Cod? A block from the beach. Nana’s house needs 2 new bathrooms. We might be able to come up with some cash for that visit. We just won’t be there. You could have the run of the house. ANd the beach. It’s a summer beach community and gets uncrowded right about now. But stays pleasant for another couple of months. 84 today with 68 tonight. It is humid though. That’s when you go to the beach and watch the moon come out of the ocean.

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  2. Your sunny disposition certainly shows through that picture of your first day of work, even if the temp didn’t reflect it! I laughed at loud at your assertion that your sweatpants would replace the skirts as soon as possible. As a lover of comfort, I feel ya! And kudos on being gainfully employed. I hope they know how lucky they are to have you. 🙂

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