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There’s No Place Like Home

The best part of working, aside from the paycheck, is NOT working. I’ve worked for my new company for 2 whole weeks. That makes this Labor Day weekend all the more special. Three whole days to be home. Delightful! Everyone at work had plans to party, go boating, camp….I just want to be home. Water our newly sprouting yard. Clean out our new chicken coop. Do laundry. Be home. There really is, no place like home.

I do love it here, even though I am dreading winter. So much so, that I fantasize about winning the lottery so we can build our dream (underground) home in a more temperate climate. Apparently, last winter was a mild one. I thank God that He didn’t let all snow break loose and allow a fierce winter in northern Idaho. Lance asked me the other day if I regretted moving here. That was an easy, ‘no’. That doesn’t mean I don’t wish winter wouldn’t happen.

This is the last busy weekend for our lake community. I shout a silent ‘hoorah‘. It’s nicer when there isn’t so much traffic kicking up dust. I love the locals, they provide plenty of entertainment.  Today I captured this photo as Mountain-man Mike drove by with a neighbor’s goat. Mike needed some brush cleared, so he borrowed Kevin’s goat for a for a few days :-).

Have goat, will travel.

Last year the September weather was spectacular. I can only hope this year will hold the same incredible sunshine and warmth! In anticipation of the cold months ahead, Lance made the chickens a warm, insulated, home in the corner of the wood shed. Due to some recent wild animal activity, he put up a 6ft chicken wire fence….we no longer have free range chickens. The trade-off is, we hope to not lose any more chickens to dogs and cougars and bears, oh my. Life is good, here in northern Idaho.

I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world.  ~George Washington

Wiring the chicken run

Birds of a feather (sticking together)

Teener chick, checks out her newly wired run


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Me, Mare, empty nester, flew the coop (& heat) of Alabama and landed in northern Idaho. Bought a house without setting foot in the state. This blog was created in the summer of 2011, as my beau, Lance and I were packing to move to north... Many things, big and small, have happened since that blistering hot July in Bama when I began this blog. Read about our whirlwind adventures. Our real life love story. The good, the bad, the silly and the crazy things that happen to us.

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  1. When the dead of winter is upon you, just pretend that spring is right around the corner the whole time. In no time, it will be! Btw, I think if your chickens had a choice b/t free range and dead, only the reeeeeally dumb ones would choose dead. 😉

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