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Changes are a natural part of life. Here in northern Idaho, the trees are quickly going from green to yellow.  Some are even already naked.  Today, I turn 48.  That’s not a real change. I feel no different today than yesterday, but certainly a bit more so than I did a year ago. And it was a little over a year ago that Mare and I made the huge change of moving from Alabama to our current home in the Black Lake community.  It was that transition that inspired Mare to create this blog. 

Now that we are “settled” into the northwest region, the title of this blog seems somewhat nondescript.  We’re already here and there’s so much we enjoy blogging about that doesn’t really fall into the original concept.  So, if you’ve tried to post a comment today (if I’ve done my job right), you will find yourself unable to do so (yeah, Krista, I’m talking to you).  This was done to ensure we don’t lose any comments that my be posted as the migration to the new server occurs. This has been in the works for almost a year, but problems with our hosting services and HughesNet, along with some other big projects, caused it to be put on hold until now.

I won’t go into anymore detail for now, but anticipate more than just a few changes.


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