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Our Stranded Adventure

Our Stranded Adventure

No, we weren’t stuck on a mountaintop in the wilderness, nor a valley down by the creek. We spent last weekend in an AutoZone parking lot. I must blog about these things or else I forget they ever happened when I’m older and grayer and more senile ;-). So far, every adventure I’ve been on with Lance has been enjoyable. The key to a happy life is to enjoy your shipmate in smooth sailing or in shipwrecks (you may quote me on that, go right ahead).

Last Saturday we were headed home from a ‘quick’ trip to town, stopping at our 3 favorite home improvement stores. The truck bed was full (as usual) and we were going to make one last stop for fuel before heading home ‘early’.  Early enough to make dinner and get some more work done on finishing up the foundation. After exiting the highway, heading toward the gas station, Mr. Dodge Ram dies. The ‘funny’ thing being, it died last spring, a block from this same gas station. Apparently our fuel gauge has been getting increasingly worse (we know this now after running out of fuel 3 times due to faulty readings). Thankfully, a fellow trucker, offers a quick tow across the street. Lance proceeds to pump in 35 gallons of diesel and then does the diesel dance (what you have to do to get a diesel running after you run out of fuel). Still no go.  Read the rest of this entry